4.1. Repair of the engine without extraction from the car - the Civic model

General information

This Part of the Head Dvigatel is devoted to the repair of the 4-cylinder petrol engine of 1.6 l equipped with system of injection of fuel which is not connected with extraction from the car (in situ). All procedures demanding dismantle of the power unit are provided in the Part the General and capital repairs of the engine.

Three versions of engines are applied to a complete set of the considered Honda Civic models. All versions are among engines with one camshaft of the top arrangement (SOHC). About 4 valves (16V) are the share of each of cylinders.

Engines are completed with one of two versions of electronic system of correction of phases of gas distribution (VTEC). To more detailed description of a design and the principle of functioning of the VTEC systems it is devoted the VTEC Systems - the general information and check of a condition of components.

The used engines have the following designations:


1.6 l, 16V, SOHC


1.6 l, 16V, SOHC VTEC


1.6 l, 16V, SOHC VTEC-E *

* Designation "E" is entered by the Honda company for engines with the increased efficiency of return.