12. Suspension bracket and steering

General information

Forward suspension bracket completely independent with the top and lower levers, shock-absorbers with screw springs and the stabilizer of cross stability (see illustrations below).

In an independent back suspension bracket longitudinal levers, the top and lower levers and assemblies of shock-absorbers with screw springs are used (see illustrations below).

All models are completed with the rack steering mechanism. On some models hydraulic strengthening of a wheel is provided. In system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel (PAS) the steering pump given to rotation from the engine connected to a case of the rack mechanism by means of flexible hydraulic hoses is used.

Often in the course of service of components of a suspension bracket it is necessary to face fixture resistant to an otdavaniye. By Prikipaniye of elements of fixture it is connected with the fact that they are constantly subject to external influences, are in contact with water, dirt, a soot and the other substances promoting corrosion development. For the purpose of simplification of the procedure of an otdavaniye of its such "stuck" fixture it is necessary to impregnate with plentiful amount of the getting oil beforehand. Cleaning of open carving parts of fixture a rigid wire brush also promotes simplification of an otdavaniye of the rusted nuts. Sometimes, in especially hard cases, for the otpuskaniye which "stuck" bolts/nuts it is possible to use a drift. The drift rests against the region a vent of a nut/head of a bolt and sharp blows with the hammer are struck to its opposite end. You watch that the drift did not break, try not to damage inexact blows a carving. Quite effective way is also warming up of fixture which is not giving in to an otdavaniye and a torch of the blowtorch or a gas torch surrounding it component surfaces though authors of this manual also do not recommend to resort without extreme need to such technology in view of its potential danger connected with a possibility of ignition and risk of receiving burns. Different extended collars and pipe nozzles on them are intended for increase in torque at an otpuskaniye of fixture, however you remember that it is not necessary to use such intensifying devices complete with the drive equipped with "graggers" – the risk of failure of the ratchet mechanism is too high. Sometimes the nut/bolt begins to give in after previously slightly it is tightened clockwise. All fixture which otpuskaniye demanded application of extraordinary measures at assembly is subject to replacement!

After an otdavaniye attentively check a condition of fixture and in case of need you make its replacement with elements of the same standard size. At assembly tighten fixture of components of a suspension bracket and steering it is strict with the required effort.

Do not make attempts of a rikhtovka of the deformed components of a suspension bracket and steering at all – replace defective parts!

As procedures of service of components of a suspension bracket are performed under the car, it is necessary to think in advance of opportunities of lifting the vehicle and its fixing in the lifted situation (prepare a reliable jack and props).

Do not perform any works under the car, the lifted situation fixed in only by means of a jack at all!

Components of a forward suspension bracket

1 — the Steering mechanism
2 — the Collar of the plug of the lower control lever
3 — Nizhny Novgorod a control lever

4 — the Damping fork
5 — the Rotary fist
6 — Assembly of the shock-absorber with a screw spring

Components of a back suspension bracket

1 — Assembly of the shock-absorber with a screw spring
2 — the Top lever
3 — Nizhny Novgorod the lever

4 — the Compensation lever
5 — the Longitudinal lever