4.2. Repair of the engine without extraction from the car - the Integra model

General information

This Part of the Head Dvigatel is devoted to the repair of the 4-cylinder petrol engine of 1.8 l equipped with system of injection of fuel which is not connected with extraction from the car (in situ). All procedures demanding dismantle of the power unit are provided in the Part the General and capital repairs of the engine of the present Chapter.

Three versions of engines are applied to a complete set of the considered Acura Integra models. All versions are among engines with two camshafts of the top arrangement (DOHC). About 4 valves (16V) are the share of each of cylinders.

Engines are completed with one of two versions of electronic system of correction of phases of gas distribution (VTEC). To more detailed description of a design and the principle of functioning of the VTEC systems it is devoted the VTEC Systems - the general information and check of a condition of components.

The used engines have the following designations:


1.8 l, 16V, DOHC


1.8 l, 16V, DOHC VTEC


1.8 l, 16V, DOHC VTEC

The description of the most part of the considered procedures is made on the basis of the assumption that the power unit remains on the regular place in a motive compartment of the car. In view of told in case the engine is already dismantled and installed on a workbench or the assembly stand, many of the described steps have to be lowered.

The engine has a compact design which main component is the block of cylinders manufactured of light aluminum alloy. Steel sleeves of cylinders are inserted into the openings pierced in the block. From above on the block the aluminum head of cylinders is established. The bent shaft is placed in an integral bed with the replaceable inserts of radical bearings put in it. The fourth bearing is equipped with the separate persistent inserts limiting an axial side play of a shaft.

Pistons are equipped two compression and one oil scraper with rings. The piston fingers having semi-floating landing are pressed in the top heads of rods. In the lower heads replaceable inserts of conrod bearings are located.

The engine has liquid cooling on the basis of the centrifugal rotor water pump put in action from a gas-distributing belt. Cooling liquid circulates on internal galleries of the engine, washing cylinders and combustion chambers, and also is banished on the channels equipped in the inlet pipeline.

Supply of lubricant to internal components of the engine is carried out by the gear oil pump located in a forward part of the engine under a cover of a gas-distributing belt. The drive of the pump is carried out directly from a bent shaft. Oil is sucked in via the mesh filter from the case pallet, then banished via the full-line filter of cartridge type installed on the side of the power unit turned to a back partition of a motive compartment.