10.7. Check of a state and replacement of the directing bearing

As the directing bearing of coupling the ball-bearing pressed in a flywheel is used. The bearing is executed by tight and filled by lubricant at manufacturer. A problem of the bearing is fixing of the forward end of a pin of a main shaft of the transmission. Check of a condition of the bearing has to be made every time at removal of coupling from the engine. In view of the inaccessibility the directing bearing should be changed at the slightest doubts in assessment of its state.

If the engine is removed from the car and installed on a workbench / the assembly stand, procedures described in the following paragraphs should be lowered.


1. Remove the transmission (see a 5-staged manual box of gear shifting).
2. Remove coupling components (see Removal, check of a state and installation of components of assembly of coupling).
3. By means of a small lamp survey the bearing on existence of signs of excessive wear, signs of drying of lubricant, cracks, zadir and other mechanical damages. In case of detection of this sort of defects replace the bearing.

4. Extraction of the bearing can be made by means of a small stripper with the sliding freight (see an accompanying illustration).

5. In the absence of near at hand stripper remove a flywheel (see Repair of the engine without extraction from the car - the Civic model), then by means of the hammer and a drift beat out the bearing from the landing nest (knocking-out you make from the back party of a flywheel forward).

6. Before installation of the new bearing slightly grease it outside with lubricant. As a mandrel the face head will be suitable for landing of the bearing, diameter there is slightly less outer diameter of the bearing (see an accompanying illustration).

7. Establish into place a flywheel (see Repair of the engine without extraction from the car - the Civic model). Establish coupling assembly, the transmission and the other components which were removed for the purpose of ensuring access. Tighten all fixture with the corresponding effort.