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10.8. Removal, check of a state and installation of the release bearing and fork of switching off of coupling

Remember that the dust produced in the course of wear of frictional overlays of the conducted clutch plate may contain noxious to health asbestos. Do not blow off dust compressed air and try not to inhale it. Do not apply to rubbing of components of coupling solvents on an oil basis, – use only special brake cleaners or pure methyl alcohol. Put the used rags in hermetically closed container.



1. Otboltite the executive cylinder of coupling (see Removal and installation of the executive cylinder of coupling), without disconnecting from it the hydraulic line going from the main cylinder. Tie up the cylinder aside a wire.
2. Remove the transmission (see a 5-staged manual box of gear shifting).

3. Remove the release bearing from a pin of a main shaft, disconnect the holding spring of a fork of switching off of coupling from a spherical finger of a spherical support and remove a fork (see an accompanying illustration).



1. Holding the bearing for an external holder, press internal and rotate it (see an accompanying illustration). The bearing has to rotate freely and silently, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

2. Wipe the bearing with pure rags and examine on existence of signs of wear, cracks and other mechanical damages. Usually replacement of the release bearing is made every time at service of components of coupling. Do not wash out the bearing in solvent in order to avoid violation of tightness of its assembly at all. Also check the lever of switching off of coupling for existence of cracks and signs of deformations.



1. Fill an internal flute of the release bearing refractory lubricant. Slightly grease with the same lubricant vents of a pin of a main shaft of the transmission and the holder of the bearing of the last (see an accompanying illustration).

2a. Grease with the same lubricant a nest under landing of a spherical finger from a reverse side of a fork of switching off...

2b.... and also a nest under landing of a pusher of the executive cylinder (see accompanying illustrations).

2c. Grease a spherical finger of a spherical support of the lever of inclusion.

3. Enter the release bearing into gearing with a coupling switching off fork.
4. Put on the bearing on the holder of the forward bearing of a main shaft of the transmission, at the same time spending the end of a fork of switching off through an opening in a coupling casing. Densely put a switching off fork on a sharovy finger of a spherical support.
5. Slightly grease with refractory lubricant the surface of the release bearing contacting to petals of a diaphragm spring.
6. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to a dismantle order.